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What Patients and Their Loved Ones Say

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"provide the necessary spark" 

"I am a patient at Jefferson Hospital's Oncology department. The stress of the chemotherapy is greatly alleviated when the lovable clowns arrive on the scene. I get a fit of giggles when I see them. They are loving and caring, and they provide the necessary spark to help cancer patients endure their treatment. They provide laughter and cheer. They are witty, gay, and delightful. We are lucky to have them."

Josephine (a.k.a. "Mitzi") Molinari

"bring sunshine into the room"

"When the Caring Clowns arrive at the Oncology department at Jefferson Hospital, everyone smiles. The clowns bring sunshine into the room. They are gay and a blessing to see. It's great to know that such kind, beautiful souls live on this Earth, giving up their time to help others. They are Earth Angels!

"I once read that laughter is God's sunshine. A hug to all of you!"

Olga Palella, sister and caregiver of patient

"the great job the clowns did"

"The clowns came to Lois' room and took a picture of Lois in bed with the clown nose on her. I sent the picture to my family and friends all over the country to show them that this was the first day Lois smiled since May 19th when operated on.

"The photo went to England, Scotland, and Ireland, so all our friends and relatives could see the great job the clowns did for my wonderful wife."

Harold J. Roddin, Sr.

"brightened my day"

"I really enjoyed the clowns who visited me while I was at the cancer center. I was feeling blue and they brightened my day!"

Florence A. O'Leary

"really made a difference "

"Being a visitor to my mother, it was wonderful to receive a visit from the hospital clowns!

"It's often difficult, while waiting to find out test outcomes. This really made a difference in the room atmosphere.

"Thanks for taking the time to bring a smile and comfort to patients."

L. Fantini

"tools of laughter"

"I was present when Dr. PeeWee the Clown came into my husband's room. She was great, and very personable and quick-witted. We both enjoyed her visit and her little tools of laughter. Great idea. Keep up the good job.

Joan Deola

"make people's hearts smile"

"To the people who make people's hearts smile: Since my mom has seen the clowns, I see great changes in her attitude and the strength to fight the fight she has to. Smiling even when it's so hard to smile. I can never thank them for what they have given her and all of us."

Linda J. Vigliano

"a wonderful, positive influence"

"This is the second time that I have experienced the Bumper 'T" Caring Clowns, and the smile it brought to my father's face was unforgettable. They are a wonderful, positive influence on the patients."

Eileen Sherman

"made my mom's day"

"You made my mom's day. She keeps your picture next to her bed in the living room and shows it to everyone who comes in. When you came to see her in the hospital, it was the first time I saw her awake and laughing."

Betty Senger

"help bring a smile"

"I think this is a wonderful idea to help bring a smile to people who have been through so much pain and depression. A little laugh is better than none at all, and many people with cancer have very little to smile about.

"Thank you for caring."

Nancy Ward, daughter of cancer patient

"a beautiful way to give back"

"The best medicine is laughter. What a beautiful way to give back for all of life's joys."

Karen Legg

"the necessary ingredient"

"I was in Lankenau Hospital for my monthly cancer treatment, when a couple of clowns came through the room. They were full of pep, laughter, and above all, love, for the patients like me who sometimes are low and depressed. Some of us picked up on their jokes and antics right away, but for the others, the clowns persisted in a friendly way until all of us had a more cheerful attitude.

"There is no dollar amount that can be placed on what they brought to the people there, but please believe it was wonderful. This type of entertainment is appreciated, since it is on a voluntary basis, and their true feelings show through.

"I am writing this in hopes that your work will continue and expand in our sometimes impersonal health system. Love and compassion have a place in healing, and you just might have found the necessary ingredient."

John Vosbigian

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