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What Hospital Executives and Administrators Say

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"a unique dimension of caring"

"Dear Bumper "T":

"A note of thanks to you and all the Caring Clowns for the hope and joy you bring to our patients and their families.

"Having a nursing background, I am very sensitive to the emotions experienced during a hospital stay. Your clowns bring a unique dimension of caring - they have an amazing ability to introduce the healing power of humor and laughter. I have seen, first-hand, the magic you weave during your visits to the lobbies, treatment areas, and patient rooms.

"We are pleased that our hospital is the clinical site for your training, and delighted to be affiliated with your distinctive program, which emphasizes the assessment skills each clown needs to respond to the unique requirements of our patients and their families.

"Lankenau's long tradition of excellence is due to many who support our mission. I feel fortunate and proud to have you as part of our team, and grateful for the Caring Clowns' commitment to our volunteer program.

"The contribution you and your colleagues have made and continue to make to our hospital and the community is very much appreciated, Bumper 'T' - please keep up the great work!


"Gail A. Egan
(Past President, Lankenau Hospital)"

"an integral part of the hospital team"

"The clowns are remarkable, not only for their ability to bring joy, laughter, and happiness, but also for their ability to sit in empathetic silence with a critically or terminally ill patient … The clowns are respected colleagues, trusted friends, and an integral part of the hospital team."

Barbara Anne McCarty, CCLS
Child Life Specialist
The Children’s Regional Hospital at Cooper Hospital

"amazing individuals"

"These amazing individuals give their time and their energies to supply a little humor to those who need it. Our patients have remarked that just seeing these clowns makes them smile in a time when smiles can be hard to come by."

Rosemarie Tucci, RN,MSN, AOCN
Main Line Health Community
Clinical Oncology Program

"the essence of the human spirit"

"The Caring Clowns represent the essence of the human spirit. Their magic envelops those they encounter with caring, embracing hugs, and warm smiles. They add a dimension of humor but—more importantly—they bring support, encouragement, and a message of hope."

Laurie Watson, RN, MSN
Director of Volunteer Services/Coordinator of Patient Advocacy
Lankenau Hospital

"a welcome addition"

"…the clowns are a welcome addition to our unit and provide a colorful and caring change from the usual routine of sitting on a dialysis chair for three to four hours. I have never known or seen a patient, even the sickest, to refrain from interacting with the clowns.

"Your mission is one of humor, compassion and gives our patients a positive form of escape from the tedium of chronic dialysis therapy. Please keep up the good work."

Charles R. Schleifer, MD, FACP
Medical Director--Wynnewood Dialysis Unit
The Division of Nephrology
Lankenau Hospital

"my pleasure to recommend"

"[Bumper "T" Clowns] have been clowning around at Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center, cheering both the pediatric and adult patients alike. They are experts at medical clowning. I routinely send them in to cheer up some of my patients when they are in the hospital. I have always gotten favorable reviews from the patients about how much they appreciate the visit from the clowns."

Lawrence J. Gessman, MD
Director, Electrophysiology
University Cardiology
The Cooper Health System

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