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Mission Statement

The Bumper "T" Caring Clowns, Inc. is a volunteer organization dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of hospitalized patients, their families friends and caregivers. Therapeutic Clowning is a powerful tool in promoting the healing process.

Hospital Clowns Bring Humor That Heals

We’re Hospital Caring Clowns with a mission—volunteers dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of hospitalized patients, their families, friends and caregivers. Our clowns complete a comprehensive clown training course on the art of gentle humor. We use therapeutic clowning as a powerful tool to promote the healing process.

Our Hospital Caring Clowns Make a Difference

From the moment we enter a hospital, the Caring Clowns are a positive, healing force. We are masters in the art of “reading” a room, listening, and using gentle humor to make true connections with the people who need them.

We are always professional and respectful, and are trained to be “in the moment” when it comes to the needs of the patient. We may be spontaneous and playful, or
may offer a willing ear and a shoulder to cry on. The result is that we help to nurture patients’ spirits, ease some of the stress they feel, and play a role unlike any other in the hospital. This is why we are recognized as valuable members of the hospital wellness team.

Find Out More

As you explore this web site, you will find additional information about Bumper “T” Caring Clowns—including testimonials from hospital administrators, doctors, nurses, patients, and caregivers. Also included are answers to frequently asked questions, as well as information on how to contact us in order to volunteer.

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